Our Chef's Story

The culinary journey from Japan to Hawaii in 1983

He first began in Japan in 1968. His background as a chef and experience in a variety of menus comes from growing up in a restaurant oriented family, allowing him to create not only Japanese cuisine but, a diverse menu. In Japan, from 1968-1983, he owned and operated a Yakitori Restaurant. In 1983, he made the decision to move to a place he always loved, Hawaii. Upon arrival, he opened his first restaurant called Gonbei Restaurant (1984-1996) in Kilohana Square on Kapahulu avenue. His menu consisted of a variety of Japanese dishes, including yakitori sticks, grilled over Japanese traditional charcoal called Binchotan. Later, he moved his restaurant to Waikiki and then to South King Street calling it Hanabi Restaurant (1999-2011). In 2002, the first Kuru Kuru Sushi opened its door at Pearl Kai shopping center and in 2011 a second branch opened in Kahala Mall. His knowledge and passion towards food is reflected in every dish he creates.

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